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Some events will motivate you to take action but fail at giving you the tools and steps you need to tangibly produce results. 


Other events provide you with tools and steps that do not take into account the unique nuances that Black faith leaders face. 


When Faith Meets Strategy is the bridge.

OCT. 15, 2022

Empower People, Fulfill Purpose and Advance The Kingdom

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"Impactful, inspirational, and palatable are just some of the words to describe Joy Pittman's #WhenFaithMeetsStrategy One-Day Intensive.
I believe it was the catalyst needed to really move my almost church plant to the next level.  The workshop was full of bible-based wisdom intermingled with relevant applications to fit the needs of a ministry of any size.
I left the event with so much to think about and with a renewed zeal for ministry.  The concept of strategic thinking is essential to the success of any ministry,  I am glad I invested in my future by going."

Bishop Designate Shawn R. Mason
Senior Pastor of The Freedom Church, Brooklyn, NY

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My Grandfather,

Dr. V. Simpson Turner Sr.

Presented by
Joy Pittman

I grew up in the Black church. I see its value, necessity, and ability to transform lives and communities.  I see the need for more of its members to understand their value in the marketplace.


I also see the gaps - the areas that prevent the faith community from reaching its full potential and impact.


But I’m not just here to be a seer, I’ve been graced to be a solver. 

“When Faith Meets Strategy”™️ is the solution God has given me.


It is designed for BELIEVERS that know they are called to produce Kingdom Impact from the pulpit to the boardroom! 


It is my prayer that through “When Faith Meets Strategy”™️ people are empowered, purpose is fulfilled and the Kingdom is advanced. 

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What's it Really About...


The Environment

We are creating an environment that will be ripe with "aha" AND "amen" moments. When Faith Meets Strategy provides an atmosphere of freedom where your spirit and intellect can co-exist.

Bring your Bible and your Business Plan and let’s get to work. 


The Education

Joy will be doing her good teaching, walking attendees through her proven 3C Framework which focuses on Clarity, Conversion, and Continuity.

Through this simple framework, attendees will learn to operationalize their vision, get the right people on board, and keep them engaged. 


The Execution

We understand the power of a strategy lies in doing - so we will spend the second half of the day doing the work and implementing the things we have learned.

We'll tackle the foundational pieces that will help you and your team move from vision to execution.


You're feeling stuck and overwhelmed with the vision God has given you

You're not sleeping,  neglecting yourself and  your family, without seeing a clear end in sight

Your team isn't motivated or connected to the vision and those that are don't have the right skills and expertise

You are trying to build consistent engagement but it is becoming a revolving door instead of steady growth 

now it's time TO HAVE THIS:

Time to focus more on personal dreams, passions and goals in addition to the ministry goals

Freedom to do the things you love with the people you love - fewer missed moments

Teams that are connected to the vision, clear about their roles and equipped to get the work done effectively and efficiently

Seeing the fruit of your labor and the resulting transformation of people lives 

Save My Spot

The Breakdown

Doors Open at 9:15am Intensive Begins at 10am

  • Setting the Atmosphere

  • Setting the Atmosphere 

  • Introduction of the 3C Framework 

  • Question & Answer

  • Lunch (will be provided)

  • Execution & Feedback

  • Wrap-Up & Networking


$147 after 9/24

  • In-person, hands-on Workshop

  • Actionable Steps for identifying and attracting the right people

  • Immediate Implementation and Execution 

  • Real-time feedback from Strategist Joy Pittman 

  • BONUS: Comprehensive WFMS Workbook

Joy Pittman is a Human Resources Expert, People Strategist, Public Speaker, Educator, and Sprinkler of Black Girl Magic. Fueled by the belief that businesses could increase profitability and impact if they tapped into the power of their people, Joy decided to leverage her 15-plus years of HR experience to support Black-Owned service-based businesses. 


That decision gave birth to HR For The Culture. Employing their proven Build A D.O.P.E. Team™ Method, HRFTC helps Black founders and visionaries design and align the teams they need to dream bigger, execute better and scale faster.


Joy is also the founder of When Faith Meets Strategy™ where she helps faith leaders turn their visions into actionable strategies boosting member and volunteer engagement.


Joy is a certified Senior HR Professional, holding a Master’s in Human Resources Management, a Bachelor's in Economics, and a 2024 JD Candidate at Rutgers Law School.

  • How much does it cost to attend?
    This event is PAY WHAT YOU CAN. We want folks to have access to information and strategies that will help strengthen the work they do.
  • What should I bring with me?
    All attendees are encouraged to bring: A notebook, tablet, or laptop for note taking Current vision/mission statement or outline Willingness to be challenged and stretched Copies of the presentation will not be made available.
  • Why do we need faith and Strategy?
    Because James 2:14-26.
  • I don't have a traditional church or ministry; should I still attend?
    Non-traditional ministry leaders and faith-based business owners are welcome to attend and will find value in the content. This event is for faith-driven leaders and that includes CEOs and entrepreneurs as well.
  • Will I get a refund if I cannot attend?
    No refunds for the in-person event. Successful outcomes and impact are determined by the amount of dedication and effort attendees puts in.
  • Are children permitted at this event?
    I love children, however, they will not be permitted at the event. Only those registered persons will be able to attend.
  • When Faith Meets Strategy: The Crossroad 2-Day Event
    When Faith Meets Strategy: The Crossroad 2-Day Event
    Fri, Nov 17
    Nov 17, 2023, 6:00 PM – Nov 18, 2023, 4:00 PM
    Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • When Faith Meets Strategy: The Joseph Principle
    When Faith Meets Strategy: The Joseph Principle
    Sat, Jul 29
    Jul 29, 2023, 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM
    Brooklyn, 110 Junius St, Brooklyn, NY 11212, USA
    This is a PAY WHAT YOU CAN EVENT. Select any donation amount (you can even enter zero) and claim your seat!
  • When Faith Meets Strategy
    When Faith Meets Strategy
    Sat, Oct 15
    Sweet 66
    Oct 15, 2022, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
    Sweet 66 , 269 Meserole St, Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA
    One Day Intensive will teach you how to identify and attract the right people at every stage of your vision
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