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The divine intersection where visionaries merge their faith with strategic action. If you are a pastor, aiming to expand your ministry, or an entrepreneur seeking to intertwine your business with your faith, you're right where you need to be.


Together, let's illuminate your path, fulfill your divine purpose, and create an extraordinary Kingdom Impact.



Whether you're a pastor seeking to grow your ministry or a Christian entrepreneur aspiring to make a Kingdom impact, we have the resources and guidance you need. Our services include:


Strategic Consulting

We help you clarify your vision, build sustainable success strategies, and effectively execute your plans. 


Events and Workshops

We offer immersive experiences where faith-driven leaders can gather, learn, and grow together.


Community Support

We foster a community of like-minded individuals, providing a space for mutual support, growth, and encouragement.

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Visionary & Founder

Thought-partner, entrepreneur and leader... Joy is known in several arenas as a go-to strategist, team developer, trainer and transformative speaker.


In July of 2020, Joy started HR For The Culture. During a global pandemic, while other businesses closed their doors, Joy scaled HRFTC to over half a million in annual revenue, while serving over 150 black-owned small businesses and leading a team of twelve employees and remote contractors. 


On the heels of this accomplishment, Joy was led to re-launch  When Faith Meets Strategy™ in 2022 with a mandate to help urban ministries move from vision to actualization. Her desire is to help leaders "see what they saw" while lightening the weight of managing the business side of ministry.


She provides Bible-based strategies that help entrepreneurs, pastors, and their teams build sustainable, financially stable businesses, ministries and faith-based initiatives.


When Faith Meets Strategy, the Kingdom is Advanced.  

We will be adding more information as we update our site over the coming days but we're eager to hear from you. Connect with us today and embark on your journey of faith meeting strategy.

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